jacarandacats have been sucessfully breeding Savannah kittens for over seven years and have homed many happy well socialised kittens to wonderful homes, making many new friends along the way.  I would also like to thank our many friends for their kind wishes during my partners illness.

Savannahs are very joyful cats and make amazing pets. They are healthy, long lived cats that are highly  intelligent and enjoy being part of a family. They love to interact with their owners and  are very playful and affectionate. They are also very lively and demanding and  require time and commitment.

Below is Shakira our beautiful SERVAL girl.

Currently we have two beautiful F3 male kittens available.

Kitten one is a very sweet boy, a real softie who loves to be cuddled and petted. He has a beautiful warm golden coat with many black spots and amazing ears.

Kitten two is a very handsome large well spotted boy with long legs and tall cupped ears. He has a Serval like nose which is pink in the middle with a black surround.

More photos of both boys and their parents can be seen on our kitten page.

All our kittens are born and raised in our home in the study next to the sitting room.They are fully socialised from birth and used to all home noises and activities. Kittens are ready to leave at 12 weeks of age after having two vaccinations and a full health check by our veterinary surgeon. They leave with full paperwork from Tica and a printed 4 generation pedigree. Both parents live in our home and potential buyers are welcome to meet them.

We also have some adult Savannahs from 15 months to four years looking for permanent homes. Older Savannah are spayed or neutered before rehoming and have a full health check by our vet. For someone looking for a companion or a new family member an older Savannah might be an option. Please see our rehoming page for more photos.

If you are interested in our Savannahs please email jacarandacats@gmail.com

Alternatively please call 07763847692 or 01288 331126. If we are not available please leave a short message with your name and we will ring you back.

We are a member of TICA

The Savannah Cat Club of Great Britain.

The Savannah Cat Club UK. Savannahcatchat.com


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